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Edible Salt Pouches - 1000Grams New
Edible Salt Pouches - 500Grams New


In order to make your homes healthy places to live, we have combined the salty attitude to create Solidarity. As we know, salt is vital to human life.

Saltitude Benefits

Health practitioners say that increased consumption is associated with risks such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. However, new research shows that salt is environmentally friendly, purifying the environment and creating a healthy environment.

Saltitude Benefits

It absorbs unpleasant odors of smoke, miasma and pollution. When we take this aspect of salt and add it to our lives, it becomes an attitude, a sum of beliefs, feelings and behavior.

Use of Saltitude Produtcs

We are committed to reducing exposure to pollutants in our homes and offices. The fundamental philosophy of our business is to reduce the impact of these pollutants.

Use of Saltitude Products

It simply means that by designing home decor products, we make your homes hygienic and healthy places to live.

Use of Saltitude Products

We manufacture table lamps and handicrafts. These foods fight allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colds / flu, ear infections, sinus infections, cough smoke, stress and fatigue.